Remembering Dr. Stafl

Jan Honza Stafl, MD. October 15, 1956 – April 26, 2015

“Living fully with my interest in holistic women’s health care, divine feminine and Celtic spirituality. Hiking in the wilderness with mushroom and beer exploration. Time with my wife Liba, our three children, and good friends.”

Jan Honza Stafl, MD, 1Jan Stafl, MD met and exceeded his personal goals.  A man of integrity, honor and compassion, Jan lived his life and practice to the fullest.  Everyone at Pacific Women’s Center and in the community will miss his constant smile and optimism. To say that he was always committed to his patients and medical practice is an understatement.  He stands head and shoulders above his peers in dignity, level headedness, stoic resolve and kindness and helped make Pacific Women’s Center what it is today.  Jan’s professional career  was a source of joy and pride to himself, his patients, over 4,000 babies and Pacific Women’s Center partners and staff.

Jan Honza Stafl, MD, 2

He was a husband, father, doctor, teacher, leader, an avid Rotarian, and connoisseur of Chanterelle mushrooms (lovingly picked from his secret spots) and Pilsner Urquell beer (after all –it comes from the Czech Republic).  He was our friend and we are all better people for having known him.

“To be truly present, enjoy life and take advantage of opportunities to just be is my goal, while contributing in the ways that I am guided” – Jan Stafl, MD

He certainly did that!

Our heavy hearts remember him.