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Obstetrics and Pregnancy Care in Eugene

Obstetrics and Pregnancy Care in Eugene

You have some choices for what doctor to choose to help you during your obstetrics and pregnancy care in Eugene. Finding the right doctor to help you is an important part of helping the birth process to go as smoothly as possible.

Write down the qualities you want for your obstetrics and pregnancy care. You might start by asking yourself some basic questions such as whether you want a male or female doctor. Some gynecologists don’t practice obstetrics, so if you’re just choosing a gynecologist for the first time, you might ask yourself how important it is that you be able to go through the whole pregnancy and birth experience with the same care provider. All of the doctors at Pacific Women’s Center in Eugene have experience in obstetrics, gynecology and infertility. (Dr. Betterton is the only one of our doctors at this time who no longer delivers babies.)

At Pacific Women’s Center, our services encompass the whole range of needs of women throughout their lives. Our clinic can provide infertility care, prenatal care, surgical services, contraception, birthing services, classes and more!

Questions to ask yourself about your Eugene OBGYN care:

  • Do you prefer a male or female provider?
  • Should your care provider offer both obstetrics and gynecology?
  • Is your pregnancy and birth at risk for being high-risk? Some ob-gyns have special training in high-risk pregnancies and births.
  • Ask your doctor what his or her views are on pain management during labor. Is it important to you to have a doctor that is pro-natural birth? Are you OK with being offered epidurals and other pain management procedures during labor?
  • Who will deliver you if your doctor is not available?
  • Ask what the doctor’s Caesarean section rate is.
  • Does your doctor offer VBAC, a vaginal birth after caesarean, option?
  • The obstetrician you choose should have hospital rights at the hospital you want to go to when it is time for your birth.

All of these questions are designed to help you find a doctor that you feel comfortable with. Open, honest communication with a doctor that listens to you and respects your views are the hallmark of the care that we strive to provide at Pacific Women’s Center.