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Stay Vibrant and Healthy Through Menopause

Stay Vibrant and Healthy Through Menopause

Welcome to a new era. The physical and emotional changes that menopause brings shouldn’t be anything to fear. Menopause is ushering you into a new phase of life that’s filled with new opportunities for growth and experiences.

The symptoms can seem daunting, but there are ways to manage menopause so you feel healthy and vibrant throughout. Here are three proven ways to you keep yourself feeling powerful and positive.

Seek out social supports

Some days, you might want to just stay in and draw the curtains. Fluctuations in your hormones and emotions can make the thought of social interactions impossible.

Those interactions, though, can be what shift your outlook from negative to positive.

Talking with someone who can share your feelings helps you to unload thoughts or fears that you would normally keep to yourself. Need some extra motivation to start chatting? When you share some insights or ideas about how to cope, you just may give someone else the power to help themselves.

Find a menopause support group in your community or start one yourself. Surrounding yourself with positive people who are supportive and informed builds an accepting network that you can rely on.

Own it!

The more you try to hide symptoms such as hot flashes or act like changes in mood aren’t happening, the more difficult the journey will be. Menopause means you can now leave behind the concerns about image and acceptance that might worry younger women.

Start by having open and honest discussions with your family and close friends. Let them know what’s happening in your body and how they can be supportive. Speak frankly with co-workers or anyone else you value and you’ll find more care and acceptance than expected.

Some might have questions, but they’re only asking because they want to be more informed.

Make a plan with a physician

Speaking with a physician will help you prepare for what menopause has in store for you. The physicians at Pacific Women’s Center are experienced in supporting women through menopause.  They’re ready to answer all of your questions and address your concerns about this time of change.

There’s nothing better than talking with a supportive physician.

Prepare for your appointment by keeping a journal. Writing honestly will help you understand any concerns, questions, or fears you may have. You can also help your doctor immensely by recording the time and frequency of your symptoms. Bring your journal to each appointment and use it for effective planning of your care.

There’s no way around it, some days menopause can be a struggle. Changes are never easy, but they signify new beginnings. Use this time to start embracing changes in your lifestyle and using them to improve yourself.

Talk with the physicians at Pacific Women’s Center about the ways you can empower yourself to take charge of menopause. We are experienced in emotional support as well as medical therapy to help you through your transition.