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A Simple Strategy for Staying Fit and Healthy Through the Holidays

A Simple Strategy for Staying Fit and Healthy Through the Holidays

Sticking with your fitness and diet goals through the holidays can be tricky. The delicious treats and fun times at social gatherings make them almost too much to resist.

Everyone needs a little support through these times, so here’s one simple strategy to keep you motivated.

No More Keeping Secrets!

Sticking to your fitness and diet goals during the holidays requires dedication and support. The best way to get support is to tell your family and friends about your goals. Who better than those who know you best to give you the motivation to succeed?

  • We all have goals that we set for ourselves, but if no one knows about them it’s far too easy for us to simply abandon them. Let someone know about what you’re aiming for and ask them to help you stick with it.
  • Want to get serious? Make a post on social media announcing your goal. Your friends will be happy to cheer you on and you’ll feel that extra push to stay focused.
  • If family and friends know about your dietary goals, they can be more conscious of what they serve. If you politely let the host know that you’re really trying to avoid over-eating or certain dishes, they can plan meals that align with your goals.

A Little Healthy Competition Goes a Long Way

Involve the people you care about in a little friendly competition. It’s a simple strategy for staying fit and motivated through the winter season. There are a few ways that you can involve your family and friends, and you can help them stick with their goals as well.

  • Sign up as a group for a local 5k walk/run in the Eugene and Springfield are for the holidays. Many areas in Oregon host a Turkey Trot, Jingle Bell Run, or New Years Midnight Run. These events can be perfect motivation to stay active.
  • Work as a group to keep a weight or fitness goal through the season. When each person in the competition records weekly weight or physical activity, everyone works as a group. It’s helpful to know that you’re not alone!

If you have specific health goals that you’d like to set as winter arrives in Eugene, make an appointment to talk with your local doctor about your plans. The doctors at our Eugene office will be able to help you choose healthy and reasonable goals that keep you motivated. Our staff can’t wait to keep you motivated to achieve your goals!