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Childbirth Classes in Eugene

Childbirth Classes in Eugene

For future moms and dads, the knowledge that nine months into the future a baby will arrive can be a happy and exciting time. It can be a confusing and uncertain time. Pacific Women’s Center offers childbirth classes in Eugene, and these classes are a great way to learn and prepare for the birth.

We hold our childbirth classes in Eugene at Pacific Women’s Center on Coburg Road. Throughout the course of the class, we will explain what your body will experience as your time of pregnancy ends. You will learn to identify the signs of labor. After the class, you should feel confident about knowing when it is time to go to the hospital.

Participants in the childbirth class will get to discuss options for pain relief that might include medications and how they work, relaxation and breathing techniques, how to position your body, and more. This is not a “specific” type of birthing classes for breathing techniques and labor exercises. As in, we don’t teach any specific “method” of labor and delivery. We cover both vaginal and abdominal births in a way that answers your questions and leaves you feeling informed. It is our hope for you to feel relaxed and ready for your exciting adventure.

Two-part Childbirth Classes in Eugene

The childbirth classes in Eugene are in two parts. It allows both mothers- and fathers-to-be to share their hopes and expectations in a supported environment. We encourage discussion and participation. Pacific Women’s Center holds childbirth education classes in Eugene on Monday nights from 6 to 8 pm. Please contact our office 541-342-8616 to schedule an appointment or schedule at the time of your next obstetrical visit. The $20 charge covers four hours of childbirth classes in Eugene at our location, and two participants. We’re excited to see you!