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How to Start Exercising in the New Year and Stick to it

How to Start Exercising in the New Year and Stick to it

Figuring out how to start a workout regime in the new year and stick to it can be a challenge. A significant part of staying healthy and strong is keeping physically active. An exercise program should be a regular activity when it comes to maintaining your general health. Getting 30 minutes of exercise a day five days a week is the minimum that health care providers suggest.

Keys to starting a workout regime

Finding a physical activity that is enjoyable contributes to the success of starting a workout regime that can be sustained. These can be activities like walking, riding a bike, taking a dance class, or going to the gym with friends.

The best way to keep yourself excited about exercise comes down to what suits an individual best. Setting aside a certain time on specified days for works well for some, while others prefer to workout in multiple 10-minute intervals during the day.

Start the workout regime moderately. Some people inadvertently over-exert themselves by pushing their body too hard. This can lead to injury and frustration. Start at a slow pace for a set amount of time in the early stages of beginning a workout regime. As the body adjusts to the new physical demands, fitness levels and endurance levels advance. It’s ideal to start out at 20-minute sessions three days a week. Over time, add 10 more minutes for each session until five days a week of working out is reached.

How to stay motivated

Staying motivated to stick with a workout regime is key to remaining healthy. Make it enjoyable. Sign up for a distance race in the future so you have time to complete training for it when the time comes, and join a group that is working toward the same goal. Compete in a physical activity you enjoy, or engage in a friendly bet with someone you’d like to beat in a fitness contest–an example might be a fun bet to see who can walk or jog the fastest mile.

Other ways to stay motivated to work out is to change up the routine. Rotate physical activities by walking one week and exercising on the elliptical the next. Change out a week of pilates with yoga, and so on.

Doctors at Pacific Women’s Center have excellent recommendations for their patients regarding the right workout regime. They take each person’s individual needs into account when outlining an exercise program to be successful. Take the first step and call them to get even more fit and healthy in the new year.