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What is Covered in a Well Woman Exam

What is Covered in a Well Woman Exam

Many of our patients wonder what is covered in a well woman exam. We see patients for Eugene well woman exams who may be patients who are new to our clinic . We also see patients who have never had any sort of well woman exam before.

A well woman exam is an important part of staying healthy to help prevent diseases and detect health problems early on. At these visits, the doctor might ask about various health issues you might be experiencing. This helps identify issues early on, before they advance and become more complicated. This type of exam is a thorough checkup that may include vaccinations, lab work, and screening for preventative care. Thanks to a well woman exam, doctors cam detect certain cancers early on.

The exam begins with a questionnaire that inquires about a patient’s general health. Our doctors will ask about general health history and family health history. Don’t be embarrassed over the sexual history questions! Our doctor will also ask you about your prescribed medications. And you’ll have a chance to ask about any health concerns you’d like to talk about.

What is covered in a well woman exam?

  • An exam of the heart, lungs, and thyroid.
  • Breast exam: The physician will check for any changes with the breasts in regards to skin texture, shape, lumps, and discharge from nipples.
  • Pelvic exam: This will entail an exam of the vagina, labia, cervix, uterus, and ovaries.
  • Pap smear: The health care provider will do an exam to screen for cervical cancer and the human papilloma virus (HPV).
  • Vaccinations and immunizations: The doctor will offer any shots they feel the patient should have. This could be general immunizations or flu shots.
  • Bone density scans, mammograms, or colonoscopies: The doctor could order this type of exam based on a patient’s age.
  • Consultation: Discussions about contraceptives and/or menopause are part of the well woman exam.
  • Lifestyle discussion: The doctor will want to know more about the woman’s current habits concerning smoking, alcohol use, diet, exercise routine, and sexual practices.

The doctor may order other tests and labs depending on the patient’s condition. In many cases the doctor will screen blood pressure and monitor cholesterol and additional vitals during  the well woman exam.

The doctors at Pacific Women’s Center want to keep their patients current on their well woman exams to protect their health. Call them to schedule an appointment for a well woman exam. Whether it’s your first well woman exam or one you get every year, it’s a key to maintain a steady and consistent health regime. Our doctors would love to meet you.