HPV Vaccinations

Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world. HPV can be carried and transmitted without ever presenting symptoms. While most strains of HPV require no medical attention, research has shown that certain types of HPV are known to cause genital warts and cancer of the cervix.

At Pacific Women’s Center, we provide Gardisil, the vaccination that has been proven to safely and effectively fight against the most prevalent cancer causing strains of HPV, as well as the non-cancerous strains that are linked to genital warts. Gardasil helps your body develop the proper immune response to safeguard against HPV.

HPV vaccinations have been proven effective for men and women aged 9 through 26. These vaccinations work best when administered before becoming sexually active, because it allows the body to fully develop the immune response. However, the vaccines are still recommended and highly effective for men and women who are sexually active. Gardisil can be administered right here in the comfort of our office. The treatment consists of three injections spread out over six months.

An HPV Vaccination can help prevent Cervical cancer.

It is important to note that HPV vaccinations will not cure or treat existing infections. Also, while the vaccines have proven to work very well, they are not 100% effective at preventing cancer. You should still undergo normal pap smears and yearly exams.

If you’re ready to get more information about HPV or schedule a vaccination, give us a call at 541-342-8616 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.