Choosing the right method of contraception is an important and individual choice. But with so many options available, making a decision can be quite difficult. At Pacific Women’s Center, we provide the education and assistance necessary to create a birth control plan that fits you and your lifestyle.

While family planning and contraception should be discussed with your physician at Pacific Women’s Center, we have put together a short list of some of the birth control options we offer.

  • Oral Contraceptive Pills – Most often referred to as birth control pills, oral contraceptives deliver hormones, usually estrogen and progesterone, to the body to prevent ovulation. Birth control pills are usually taken daily and are quite convenient. There are many different brands and variations, so speak with your physician to find the right one for you.
  • Nuvaring – The Nuvaring is a small silicone ring that is inserted into the vagina once per month. The ring slowly and steadily releases hormones similar to birth control pills into the body.
  • Implantable Contraception – An implantable contraceptive, such as Nexplanon, is a small implant that is inserted into the upper arm. The implant provides 3 years of reliable birth control. Receiving an implant is a simple in-office procedure provided right here at Pacific Women’s Center.
  • IUD – An intrauterine device is a small and effective contraceptive that is placed into the uterus. There are various types of IUD’s that provide different lengths of prevention, but overall the IUD is one of the longest lasting types of birth control available.
  • Depo Provera – This injection provides up to three months of pregnancy prevention and is quite effective. This progesterone only medication is also very convenient if one does not wish to take a daily pill.
  • Condoms – Condoms are most effective when used along with another form of birth control. Condoms are also the only contraceptive that provides any type of protection against certain STD’s.

If you’d like to read even more about birth control methods before your visit, take a look at our online resources.

Even with all the information available, it still may be difficult to make a decision without the guidance of an experienced professional. The physicians at Pacific Women’s Center are always available to provide any help you might need in creating a long-term birth control plan, so give us a call at 541-342-8616 or contact us on the web and schedule a visit.