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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information (6/29/2021)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information (6/29/2021)

Being pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic can make the changes of pregnancy much harder to deal with. You don’t have to go through this alone! WellMama Oregon has support groups available. If you are interested in joining a free support group, click the link below.

The Oregon Health Authority’s advice on safe sex during the COVID-19 crisis:

Sex in the time of COVID-19

UPDATED 6/4/2020 : Instruction for patients with upcoming appointments:

  • Please come into the lobby to check in with our receptionists once you arrive.  Bring your photo ID and insurance card.
  • If you have an appointment scheduled, we are asking that you come alone.  
  • We are allowing our pregnant patients to bring ONE healthy, masked support person to their OB ultrasounds. Please make sure that your support person brings their own face covering or mask to wear, as they may not be able to attend without one.  Your support person will need to leave prior to your office visit or any subsequent monitoring that you are scheduled for. 
  • Please wear a face covering or mask to your appointment. Due to limited PPE supply, we are kindly asking that patients bring their own face covering or mask to wear.
  • Patients should not come to office if they are sick with respiratory symptoms and the visit is not time sensitive.  Please call the scheduling desk to reschedule your appointment. 

Updated 6/29/2020: Modified Hospital Visitor Policy – OB patients, please note:

Updated visitation restrictions for our patients delivering at RiverBend Hospital:

  • For Labor & Delivery/Mother-Baby Units (UPDATED 6/29/2020):
    • 2 support persons are allowed for induction/laboring/delivering patients.
    • 1 support person is allowed for scheduled C-sections.
    • 1 support person is allowed for post-partum.
    • For surrogates, the patient can have 1 support person and 2 intended parents present.
    • Appointments for outpatient lactation will be limited to the breastfeeding woman, one support person and infants.
  • For Pediatric Unit (eighth floor): Only parents or guardians are allowed.
  • For Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU): Only parents or guardians are allowed.
  • PeaceHealth has launched a valuable online reference tool for patients and community members:
  • For Peacehealth Visitor Information, please visit

Updated 4/13/2020: Labor and Delivery COVID Screening – OB patients, please note:

Riverbend Hospital is now offering a COVID screening for every mother admitted for labor, induction, or scheduled cesarean section!  

This is a rapid one hour test that will provide a starting risk assessment for your growing family.  Screening will provide our patients, babies and staff as much information as possible to provide the best safety recommendations.19