Your Postpartum Checkup: This is Why You Don’t Want to Miss it

Now that your new baby has arrived, time and energy may seem in desperately short supply. Even so, you shouldn’t skip your postpartum check-up with your doctor. Here are a few reasons to attend this important visit.

Stay on track with an annual check-up.
A physical exam includes a pelvic exam to make sure that you have healed and are cleared for intercourse and physical activity.  You can also address other physical changes as well such as urinary incontinence and lactational issues.

The postpartum check-up is an important step in your body’s return to its pre-pregnancy state. Pregnancy affects just about every bodily function, so it’s vital that your doctor assess the recovery process.

Your mental health is important too.
Having a new baby in the house can be overwhelming and exhausting. Motherhood involves a complex mix of emotions and it can be difficult to get a hold on this chaotic time. It’s common for women to experience stress, baby blues, and depression during this period.  Your postpartum appointment is the perfect time to check in on where you are in the his spectrum.

Get the go-ahead to resume work, contraception, and an active lifestyle.
At the six-week mark, it’s likely that you’re feeling more ready to start getting back into your pre-pregnancy routines. The postpartum check-up gives your doctor the chance to discuss a plan for reintroducing exercise, sexual activity, and other aspects of your pre-pregnancy life.

Your doctor will be able to recommend types of contraception to consider.  You may decide to continue your previous regimen or may be in the market to try something new.  Patients commonly have questions about birth control while breast feeding.  Let your doctor help guide your decisions about your future family planning.

The staff at Pacific Women’s Center is devoted to your postpartum care. They have years of experience helping new mothers journey into a new chapter of parenthood.