The Expecting Mom’s Essential Hospital Bag Packing List

Ready to Have Your Baby? Here is your Hospital Bag Packing List !

Ever get that feeling that you’re forgetting something? Look over these tips when you are packing your bag.

Essential Item #1: Some “Treat Yourself” Toiletries
The hospital will usually provide you with anything you may need, but there is no substituting your favorite shampoo or lip balm.

Suggestions: Pre-moistened facial towelettes, hairbrush, lip balm, mouthwash, hair band, flip-flops for the shower

Essential Item #2: A Familiar Item from Home
It may surprise you how great it can feel to have familiar item from home. Consider packing a pillow or a bathrobe/slippers to use during your labor or in those first few days of recovery.

Suggestions: soft slippers, jersey cotton bathrobe, nightgown with good breastfeeding accessibility.

Essential Item #3: Activities that Keep You Busy
A nice stash of things to keep you busy is an absolute must for any trip to the hospital or clinic. Add a few magazines and a mobile device stocked with fun shows to your bag before you leave. Some patients like to make a playlist of your favorite tunes to help keep you relaxed and provide a relaxing environment during your labor.

Suggestions: Magazines, notepad or journal, short shows that don’t require your full attention, some favorite music, extra batteries or charging cords, camera and phone

Essential Item #4: Snacks that Revive and Energize
You don’t want to get stuck depending on the vending machine or cafeteria when you’re hungry.  Pack nutritious snacks that are not perishable as you probably won’t be eating them until after your delivery.

Suggestions:  crackers with almond butter, baggies of sliced veggies, nutrition bars, gum/breath mints

Essential Item #5: Outfits for Heading Home
You’ll be packing outfits for you and the baby for your trip home. Remember hats and blankets for chilly weather. You may also want to have an outfit ready for baby’s first pictures. Remember roomy shoes for swollen feet and clothing that fit during your late second trimester.

Suggestions: a car seat (that you’ve practiced using), baby blanket, full coverage underwear that you can wear with sanitary pads, roomy comfortable clothes, seasonably appropriate clothes for the baby to go home in

Essential Item #6: Baby supplies and breast feeding gear

Although you don’t want to pack up the nursery, there are a few things that you may want to bring with you to the hospital.  The hospital can provide the essentials such as diapers, swaddling blankets, baby shampoo/comb, lanolin and a pump if needed.

Suggestions: nursing bra/tank, breast pads, breastfeeding pillow, baby book, baby outfits if you would like to take baby pictures while in the hospital.

When you reach about eight months, start planning and packing your bags for your delivery day. Bring a spare empty bag for any gifts from anyone who stops by to wish you and the baby well.

Don’t hesitate to talk with the experienced staff at Pacific Women’s Center about what to expect on your big day. They want to make your delivery experience a wonderful one!