Doctor checking blood pressure of a patient, he is measuring pulses with a sphygmomanometer, hands close up

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can occur for the first time during pregnancy. Its presence can be a result of numerous different medical

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Hematomas During Pregnancy

In the medical world, hema means blood and toma means swelling. A hematoma, then, is an area of the body where blood pools in tissue

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Pregnancy Back Pain

While some women are lucky enough to not have many problems with nausea or morning sickness during pregnancy, nearly all women experience pregnancy back pain.

Husbands and their pregnant wives at a prenatal class

Childbirth Classes in Eugene

For future moms and dads, the knowledge that nine months into the future a baby will arrive can be a happy and exciting time. It

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6 Essential Tips for Prenatal Care

Preparing for pregnancy and focusing on prenatal health are the beginning stages of having a baby. This is one of the most important times of