Breastfeeding Travel Tips

Life does not slow down for an infant, so learn how to incorporate breastfeeding into your busy life. Vacation and air travel can propose some challenges.  Here are a few ways to do it comfortably and safely while in the air or on the road.

Staying sanitary is a top priority.

Don’t skimp on sanitation for breastfeeding. Travel prepared with storage bags and bottles that you’ve sanitized.  You can also purchase cleaning wipes specifically for breastfeeding as well as microwavable bags for sterilizing purposes.

Plan your stops and research your places.

A good general rule for breastfeeding while traveling is to keep it clean and comfortable. Do yourself a favor by looking ahead at where to expect rest stops. Keep your feeding schedule as regular as possible during your trip. Keep an extra battery pack or electrical outlet adapter on hand for your breast pump.

Prepare perfectly for air travel.

Breast milk and formula are considered medically necessary liquids by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and are permitted aboard aircraft. These liquids are allowed in amounts exceeding the usual 3.4 ounce limit. You must declare to the TSA officer your intent to bring these liquids with you at the initial security check point.

Know the local culture before you go.

Some countries have laws or regulations pertaining to where breastfeeding is permitted. Other cultures may not share your opinions on the practice. Save yourself stress and possible confrontations by researching the practices in your destination. Be respectful of the values of other cultures.

Dress for breastfeeding success.

Pack plenty of loose comfortable tops that allow easy access for baby and privacy for you. Consider a nursing tank or loose clothing that won’t have you feeling uncomfortable or need much adjustment.

Are you preparing for a journey? Pacific Women’s Center offers lactation classes to patients once a month to answer any of your breastfeeding questions. Give us a call and let us assist your plan for breastfeeding.