Benefits of Attending Birthing Classes

There is nothing that matches the joy and expectation of pregnancy. Some confusion and nervousness is also totally normal. Gaining knowledge and socializing with others can help with mental preparedness by answering questions and providing an overview of the labor experience. A birthing class is the perfect way to get both of those elements.

Real-life classes are much more helpful than a DVD or online course.
We understand it’s not always convenient to leave the comfort of home, brave traffic, and attend a class in person. For learning though, there is just no substitute for personal interactions.

When the class is led by an experienced and qualified instructor, you can ask all of the questions you need and relate with other expecting parents.

Birthing classes introduce you to other couples who are expecting.
Social support is one of the most crucial aspects of pregnancy, yet it’s often overlooked by parents. Involving friends and family makes your experience a positive one, and creates a supportive network for you to rely on.

Birthing classes encourage you to interact with an instructor and other couples, and know that others also have similar questions, apprehensions, and excitement.  Others may even bring up topics that are important but you have not yet considered.

Planning ahead helps to ease stress.
You’re about to embark on an amazing journey, so plan and pack accordingly! A birthing class outlines everything you should expect and helps to ease any worries.

Education and discussion will help you plan ahead, that way you encounter fewer surprises. A class is the perfect way to get ready for your big day.

Join the birthing classes offered at Pacific Women’s Center. They’re available to Pacific Women’s Center patients for a small fee and provides admission for mothers and a support person. Give us a call and schedule!