A New Mom’s Four Step Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

You’re beyond excited to bring a new life into this world, but pregnancy took quite a toll on your body. It’s very common for new moms to be anxious about their post-baby body.

The most important thing you can do to manage your weight and reach your fitness goals is to live a lifestyle that is healthy and happy. Occasional bursts of inspired sit-ups or smoothie diets aren’t healthy and will only frustrate you in the end. Here are four steps that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Step 1: Start Small

Setting goals for weight loss, exercise, and nutrition is the easy part. It’s finally tackling them that takes the effort. When you talk with your doctor about healthy weight loss and recommended exercises, start with goals that seem very simple. Set a goal that you can achieve that same day. Then set another that you know you can make with just a little more effort.

You’ll stay motivated for longer and achieve more if you keep your goals reasonable and easy to measure. This tiny change will help you stay on track.

Step 2: Make Time Outdoors a Priority

Living in Oregon provides you with a great chance to take advantage of the region’s many outdoor areas. You’re surrounded by plenty of easy hiking trails and refreshing views. Sunlight has been shown to fight depression and improve sleep. Surrounding yourself with green trees and nature boosts your supply of fresh oxygen.

Just the mere act of being in nature supports a happier mentality. Taking in an amazing vista or watching the powerful ocean can improve your focus, mental clarity, and appreciation for life.

Step 3: Make Healthy Living a Team Effort

It is hard to achieve ambitious goals all alone. The support of family and friends is very helpful as you begin to navigate this new and exciting time in your life. Ask them to help keep you motivated and hold you accountable.

Your workouts don’t need to be individual bouts of sweat and determination. You’ll look forward to exercise when you bring a support friend into your workouts. Family bike rides, easy hikes, dance parties or even a picnic outdoors are fun ways to get your whole family involved in your goals.

Step 4: Harness the Power of a Positive Outlook

Many women feel that they need to “get back their pre-pregnancy body.” The reality is, you’re now a new person. You and your body have just gone through an amazing transformation, and you’re more beautiful than ever. Instead of looking back at old photos and feeling wishful, start building your brand new body.

This is now a perfect opportunity to begin new goals and challenges. This is your chance to put your old worries and lifestyle behind you and move forward with a new way of thinking.

We want to support you through this new and exciting time in your life. Talk with the staff at Pacific Women’s Center about events in the community you can be involved in or get healthy lifestyle suggestions.