What to Expect During Your Ultrasound

The ultrasound is one of the most exciting appointments during pregnancy. It’s the first time you get to view the new life that’s forming. Seeing their growing hands and hearing their heartbeat is an incredible experience.

In the past, ultrasound machines only provided grainy, difficult to decipher pictures that required a technician to decode your results. Fortunately, at Pacific Women’s Center, the times have changed.

We use state of the art technology to give you the best, most detailed snapshots of your new child. Our Logiq P5 ultrasound machine takes high quality 3D and 4D pictures in real-time, which means you no longer have to wait for results.

During your ultrasound, you’ll be able to see exactly what the technician is seeing on our large, wall-mounted HD monitor. Also, since our ultrasound technology interfaces directly with our electronic medical records system, your doctor will be able to discuss all the findings with your right away.

If you’d like to experience our state of the art system and see why we provide the type of care you won’t find anywhere else, give us a call at (541) 342-8616 to schedule your ultrasound appointment.