Put a Stop to Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

The caring, expert medical team at Pacific Women’s Center will help you treat this sometimes-embarrassing issue

Vaginal discharge is something that nearly all women produce. Normal discharge is not something you should worry about or view as unclean or unhealthy. However, when you experience drastic changes in the type of discharge you produce, it may be a sign that you need to visit your gynecologist.

Changes in vaginal discharge can happen for a number of reasons. Whether it’s a normal change in your body, a reaction to medication, or some type of infection, you should understand what to look for to identify abnormal changes or potentially harmful warning signs. Some of these warnings may be:

  • Itching, pain, or rash that accompany vaginal discharge
  • Increased amount of discharge from normal
  • White or clumpy discharge
  • Foul smelling discharge

While it’s important to know what warning signs to look for, you should always consult your Pacific Women’s Center gynecologist if you notice any drastic changes.

The causes of vaginal discharge can vary. Some of the reasons for vaginal discharge are completely normal, but may seem strange if you are unprepared. A few of the most common causes are:

  • Yeast infection, vaginitis, or other vaginal infection
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI)
  • Menopause
  • Change in birth control or other medications
  • Stress
  • Changes in nutrition
  • Menstruation

Diagnosing and treating vaginal discharge can be done at our office in Eugene, Oregon and often requires a simple pelvic exam. Our compassionate staff will make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.

This is not a problem to be ashamed of. Treatment is available and you shouldn’t live life worried about unanswered questions. Give us a call at 541-342-8616 or Contact Us today to schedule an appointment.