In the future, you may feel that your family is complete and when that time comes, Pacific Women’s Center will be here for you.

It is extremely important that you understand these procedures cannot be reversed, so the decision to move forward should be made carefully. With counseling and thorough education, our physicians can help you make the right choice for you and your family. If you are unsure about permanent sterilization, please take a look at the other contraception methods we offer or make an appointment to discuss the different options. It is also important to know that permanent contraception does not prevent against sexually transmitted infections, so you should still follow safe sex guidelines.

Below you will find a brief description of the two types of procedures that are most often performed by our physicians.

  • Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation – A tubal ligation works by blocking the fallopian tubes and preventing eggs from traveling into the uterus.  The procedure is performed with the aid of general anesthesia.  Several small incisions are made in the abdomen and a camera is used to visualize the tubes, which are then occluded.  There is no backup contraception needed after the procedure is performed.
  • Essure – This non-incisional method is performed vaginally under monitored anesthesia care. We also perform this in a surgery center or in the hospital operating room. This method works by placing a small, metal insert into each fallopian tube which then scar down over the next few months.  After 3 months, your physician will perform a confirmation test to check that the fallopian tubes have been successfully blocked.  You will need a backup contraception until we confirm the tubes are occluded.

Both techniques above involve either laparoscopy or hysteroscopy, which can also be useful in treating or diagnosing various other issues.

We provide life-long care to our patients, so when the day comes that your family is complete, we’ll be ready to help. So give us a call at 541-342-8616 or contact us on the web to make an appointment.