I’m Ready to Have a Baby – The Preconception Doctor Appointment

When you’re ready to bring a new baby into your family, a preconception doctor appointment with your physician should be one of the first steps in your plan.

A preconception doctor appointment serves many purposes. Not only will it help you and your physician measure your baseline health prior to becoming pregnant, the appointment will also point out what further steps are necessary to ensure conception and eventually a healthy baby.

At Pacific Women’s Center, preconception doctor appointments include both physical exams and an in-depth discussion with your physician. A complete medical history is vital, so be prepared to answer and ask many questions.

A few other things you’ll discuss with your Pacific Women’s Center physician during your preconception doctor appointment may include:

  • Your Reproductive history
  • Lifestyle
  • Dietary habits
  • Emotional well-being
  • Current medications
  • Allergies
  • Relationship history

The list above is not exhaustive, but it does give you an idea about what you should prepare to discuss. While your physician may ask many questions during the process, it’s also the perfect time to bring up any of your own questions or concerns.

A preconception doctor appointment at Pacific Women’s Center is about understanding you and your body. Your physical and emotional health are two of the most important aspects to consider when planning for a new baby.

If you’re ready to bring a new life into the world and you want to give your new the child the best start possible, call Pacific Women’s Center today at (541) 342-8616 to schedule your preconception appointment.