Richard A. Beyerlein, MD

Richard A. Beyerlein, MD
Richard A. Beyerlein, MD, FACOG
Board certified

Richard Beyerlein, MD

Christine Trowbridge RN

In 1996, Dr. Beyerlein founded Pacific Women’s Center with the hope of providing an atmosphere where specialists in obstetrics and gynecology can continually strive to provide excellence, and state of the art care, in all phases and aspects of a woman’s life. Whether it be the initial introduction into women’s health care, preconceptual planning, the birth of a child, or the special medical and surgical needs that might be needed in a woman’s life, working with Christine Trowbridge RN, Dr. Beyerlein looks forward to continuously improve and provide outstanding medical care.

As an invited lecturer, both nationally and internationally, Dr. Beyerlein has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet, learn and teach with some of the most highly respected physicians in the world.   Additional leadership roles have included serving as chief of obstetrics and gynecology services, member of executive committees, and quality assurance committees at both local and regional hospitals.  

Dr. Beyerlein is a proven leader in his quest to continuously improve women’s health care.  This is reflected in the multiple awards he is honored to have received for his outstanding study of medicine, leadership skills, excellence in teaching and for his research contributions in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.  

Dr. Beyerlein is proud to be happily married for over 30 years, and grateful to have raised 3 wonderful children (along with multiple, cats, dogs and horse).

“It has always been my passion to be better than I am- as a person, physician, and as an activist in the cause of good medicine.  I also believe in being a strong participant in this life.  Together, these are some of the reasons I became a physician.  They are also governing principles.  As individuals, we are motivated to continuously improve, to always put patients above all else and to contribute to medicine with the strongest sense of ethic and integrity.  Ultimately, my practice- and reputation for excellence- is the result of my passion.”

Little Known Fact: Dr. Beyerlein served as an invited medical ambassador to China and Mongolia for the Dwight D. Eisenhower foundation.