How to Choose Your Obstetrician

Choosing an obstetrician to help you through pregnancy and birth can be a daunting task. Understanding what to look for is important, but it can be easy to overlook certain details during your search.

If you’re in the process of searching, here are few questions you may want to ask yourself and any potential obstetricians you meet in your search:

  • Where do they attend or do deliveries? – Spend some time researching hospitals and/or birthing centers that potential obstetricians practice.
  • Who do my friends/family recommend? – Sometimes the best care is just a question away.
  • Do I feel comfortable with them? – Your gut feeling is often correct. If you feel comfortable and relaxed during a consultation, that’s a great sign.
  • What is my health history? – Your health history may necessitate a physician that is a specialist or that has had experience with women who have had similar histories.
  • Is my current gynecologist also an obstetrician? – Many physicians practice both gynecology and obstetrics. If you’re already comfortable with your gynecologist, ask if they provide obstetrical care as well.

The only way you’ll get to know a potential obstetrician is by meeting with them. Schedule consultations with potential care providers. Ask them lots of questions. If you don’t feel comfortable, that’s just fine. It’s your pregnancy and your baby.

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