Bleeding After Delivery

Pregnancy and birth is taxing on your body. Your doctor might call bleeding after delivery postpartum bleeding. Some bleeding after delivery when you have a vaginal birth is natural and normal.

While any vaginal bleeding may seem like too much, there is usually nothing to worry about. Bleeding after delivery is a normal part of the birthing process.

Postpartum bleeding is usually the heaviest within the first days after delivery. Trying to do too much too soon often causes more bleeding. If you notice that happening, take that as a sign to slow down and relax.

Bleeding after delivery should taper off and stop in the weeks following birth. If your postpartum bleeding does not decrease, you should seek help from your Pacific Women’s Center physician as quickly as possible.

Signs That Bleeding After Delivery May Need Care

If you are bleeding after delivery and you’re also not feeling well, here are some signs to look for that you may need some additional medical care:

  • Feeling faint or dizzy
  • Changes in heart rate or blood pressure
  • Your bleeding does not slow down
  • The bleeding suddenly becomes heavier
  • Bleeding soaks through more than one maternity pad per hour

Continued heavy bleeding after your birth may be a sign of a very severe condition, such as postpartum hemorrhage or a retained placenta. These problems are very serious and should be treated quickly.

If you are worried about postpartum bleeding, please call Pacific Women’s Center’s Eugene office at (541) 342-8616 or contact us online right away.