Dorothy’s Leaving!

Notice DS leaving PWC.051512

To Our Patients that have received care from Dorothy Shannon, CNM:

Dorothy Shannon, C.N.M. is leaving Pacific Women’s Center, LLC effective June 1, 2012. We are enclosing this communiqué with all correspondence to let you know that we value your decisions for health care options. We are committed to providing the level of care you have come to expect without interruption. The physicians at Pacific Women’s Center will review medical care issues for all patients that have received care from Dorothy and we are available to address any of your medical concerns. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jan Stafl will be returning in June and Dr. Sara Gerhards along with Dr. Jill Betterton have joined PWC. Please don’t hesitate to call us is you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.


At Pacific Women’s Center, we take pride in our staff. Many employees have been here for more than 10 years and throughout those years we share accomplishments and challenges. So it is with great joy and sadness that we have accepted Dorothy’s resignation effective May 31, 2012.

Dorothy has been a certified nurse midwife and practitioner with Pacific Women’s Center since 2002. During that time we have considered her our friend and colleague. She has provided a level of care that is compassionate and focused on women’s health issues, providing that extra time and effort. We have appreciated her support in providing care to our patients.

Pacific Women’s Center will continue to offer the care you have entrusted with us. All of the physicians: Dr. Byrke Beller, Dr. Richard Beyerlein, Dr. Julie Haugen, Dr. Jan Stafl, and Dr. Tamara Stenshoel along with Dr. Sara Gerhards and Dr. Jill Betterton are here to serve you.

Please join us in wishing Dorothy well and do not hesitate to call for any questions or concerns you may have.